This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about the way that “ORION TAXI BURGAS“ application works. What data collected and processed using for ordering a taxicab in the city of Burgas and the region.

Installation of the ORION TAXI BURGAS application DOES NOT require registration and DOES NOT require to input of any personal data.

When ordering a taxi via the “ORION TAXI BURGAS” application, it sends to the server only the unique number of the device from which the request is made and the address to which the taxicab must arrive.


  • The unique device number is used to protect against repeated and invalid taxi requests that will prevent the normal operation of taxi cars.
  • The address that sends the user, is the address to which we are sending the taxi car.
  • These data are only used to execute the order.


You can find out what information is stored for you by contacting us at the indicated phone numbers or by email from our website

Company: Orion 10, Burgas
contact person: Filip Velikov
email: [email protected]